WARNING! This will certainly contain spoilers! Read at your own risk!

From the dialogue choice comes an ending. Which girl you have chosen over the other gives the outcome of the ending. You can either choose River's ending or Orchid's ending. There is also the main ending which follows from the main events through the game which are included.

Orchid's EndingEdit


Orchid and Thunder, in Orchid's Ending.

In this ending, you have chosen Orchid over River in overall dialogue choices.

After defeating Vulcan at the Inner World Pillar, River's appearance will change. She will become the new Goddess after her mother's death. Vulcan will realise his errors, and promise to make it up to his brother Iron.

Whilst River has taken her duties as the new Goddess to watch over the demon world and human world; Orchid and Thunder get married and have three children. Together, they both live the rest of their lives happily living in Spear Village.

River's Ending Edit


In this ending, you have chosen River over Orchid in the overall dialogue choices.

After defeating Vulcan at the Inner World Pillar, Vulcan has changed his ways and saw what his brother Iron was trying to tell him and changed for the better. Orchid, because she gave her power to Thunder, died and returned as a ghost to say that "I want you to live a happy life." and to not blame himself about her death. Years has passed and River and Thunder lived together having three kids and the first one was named Orchid.

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